No Place Like Home

An Aging in Place Program

“The average monthly cost of an assisted living apartment is $3,500 and the average cost of a nursing home is $6,235, so even postponing a move to a nursing facility by just a few months can have a major financial impact” according to Rick Hernandez, CEO of Community Health Ministry.

The CHM-No Place Like Home Program is intended to help elderly members of our community, who require some form of assistance to maintain a safe and independent life style while remaining in their own more affordable homes. This free service provides a monthly (or as needed) community liaison visit. The trained community liaison will evaluate the patient’s needs and make the appropriate arrangements to meet those needs. The community liaison will assess the house for safety and/or ease of access (what adjustments can be made for ease of cooking, bathroom safety, etc.), provide a physical evaluation (weight/blood pressure), check the mental well-being and even look after the cat. When a need is identified, the community liaison will work with the appropriate service provider (including but not limited to CHM services) to address this need. The community liaison can also assist with or find assistance for Medicare and/or address insurance questions or concerns.

Although the CHM-No Place Like Home Program does not directly provide cleaning services, transportation, financial assistance, house repairs, etc., the service will find resources for these services (including but not limited to CHM services). This program is not intended to replace any existing church outreach or home health service but rather serve as a companion to these services. It is meant to be an advocate for the patient. Many, many needs can be addressed through this service. It will also give peace of mind for distant relatives or caregivers. CHM is hoping that the support this program will provide by having someone checking in to make sure the medicine is being refilled, the light bill is paid, there is adequate and appropriate food in the house, loved ones are getting to appointments, have a social/church life, etc. is enough to extend the patient’s ability to stay in their own home longer.

For more information about the CHM - No Place Like Home program please call 785.456.7872.